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Self Massage Secrets Course: Self Healing With Qigong Acupressure Massage

PART ONE: Upper Body (SHEN) Spirit/Mental Force - Face, Head, and Neck. The effective ways to massage the face, head, and neck and reverse emotional tensions of frustration, fear, and anxiety. Balancing blood and oxygen levels within the brain and senses. Release unconscious tension in the neck, face, and head preventing headaches. Techniques to reverse the damage of unhealthy habits and replenish youthful cells. Look younger, heal scars, and strengthen follicles and skin cells. Improve eye sight and breathing. PART TWO: Mid body (CHI) Heart/Electro-magnetic Force - Arms and Abdomen. Improve Range of motion in both shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Increase metabolism, digestion, and elimination by toning the internal tissues. Create better circulation for the heart and lungs while detoxing the lymph nodes. Renewing and replenishing blood cells to promote love and longevity. Setting new intentions and belief systems to reverse aging and damage of the heart, lungs, and internal organs. PART THREE: Lower Body (JING) Essence/Creative Force - Kidneys, Sexual Organs, and Legs. Helping to balance hormones by releasing tension caused by lower fear based emotion. Strengthening the blood by breaking down blockages in the lower blood channels. Improving circulation and energy by toning the muscles and vascular system of the legs. Realign posture by becoming aware of the feet and rebuilding the arches. Clear pain while strengthening the knees and ankles for balance and support. WHO IS THIS FOR? Whether you’re someone who is dealing with CHRONIC ILLNESS/CANCER FATIGUE/AUTO-IMMUNE  HORMONE/BRAIN IMBALANCE DIABETES OR DIGESTION ISSUES ARTHRITIS OR JOINT PAIN ACCIDENT OR INJURY OR like me you just have a burning desire to tap into your potential SLOW AGING PROCESS TONE INTERNAL ORGANS CLEAR AND STRENGTHEN SKIN AND LUNGS IMPROVE DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION IMPROVING ENERGY, STAMINA, AND POWER GET READY TO TAP IN!

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