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Self Massage Secrets Course: Self Healing With Qigong Acupressure Massage

Break through your subconscious mind and body to reset a healthy, happy, and youthful new life.

What you'll get:

  • Guided Self Massage Secrets: Taking you step by step through the meridians, massaging the organs, and releasing trapped energy.
  • Map of the Energy Meridians: Giving you a map to your emotions so you know what your doing and why.
  • Bonus Videos showing you the best healing tools for added benefits. Dig deeper, vibrate higher, and affirm your DNA.

You'll receive the complete secret system of acupressure and self massage to soothe and strengthen your nervous system for life lasting subconscious changes.

What People Are Saying:

Niko's Self Massage Secrets Guidebook was my first introduction to acupressure. Using acupressure to reduce pain, relieve stress, balance energy, and it's a great checklist. Easy for you to apply what you learn in the book and apply it to your morning routine or you could use it to pinpoint any problem areas you may have. In any case, if you're part of a high performance workplace, or you struggle with negative emotions or chronic pain, I highly recommend you check this out because it's meant to empower you, giving you tools you can use to restore order to yourself.

Chiara Burns