Watch the video below to learn in less than 5 minutes how to release pressure and pain from the GUT and BRAIN. Easing emotions of anger and anxiety from the liver and stomach, bringing relief to your gut, heart, brain, and overall health. Enjoy!


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Acupressure point tapping for anxiety
Self massage for headache
Benefits of full body massage 
Hair growth acupressure points
Benefits of full body massage 

Follow The Map To Heal Your Emotions & Subconscious Mind.

Healing starts with your awareness of your energy... but what is your energy? It can be split into 5 elements, 5 senses, 5 organs, and 5 main emotions. Learn these 5 key elemental components of your being and change yourself forever.

Once you sign up for the course, you will be given a step by step video guide to instruct you through the particular points and pressure techniques to release damaged cells from the body and brain. Through 5 key breathing techniques you will release stuck energy and initiate healing through affirmative emotional input. 

Your Head - Clarity of knowing what you want and the clear steps to get to it, attract it, and align to the new you. Your Heart - Compassion and care. Understanding your intuition and connect to the deeper realization of your passion and purpose. Your Gut - Knowing and developing your creative forces. When the top two energies, your head and your heart are in alignment, your gut (subconscious mind) will run your blood in the frequency of your goal, effortlessly vibrating health, wealth, love, and happiness.

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From the comfort of your own home, join Niko as he helps you turn inward and find your own healing. You'll learn how to use these ancient methods to Strengthen Your Immune System, Improve Blood and Lymph Flow, and Increase Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health by Healing, Toning, and Strengthening the Internal Organs In just minutes a day!

Acupressure massage at home

Dump the doctor's bill and learn the best self-healing techniques

You'll learn how to lessen your doctor visits by taking your health into your own hands. Learning to soothe your body from pain by massaging the pressure points that ease and heal your organs and emotions! 

Acupressure points for hair growth 

Do it yourself without having to go to a massage therapist

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In less than 30 minutes a day, this breakthrough system will show you how to melt away pain, release stress, and increase energy yourself in mere minutes. You won't even need any equipment or tools...   


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Niko Carrafield is a lifelong practitioner of Qigong, Chi Nei Tsang Massage, Reiki, Tai-Chi, Yoga, and Cosmic Healing.

He first discovered Tai-Chi and Qigong when he was 17. With a daily schedule of studying Tai-Chi 3 hours every morning with Master Yang and Dr. Lu then heading to Yoga (BeTheChnage) for 2 hours, working at the UFCgym teaching MMA and Corrective Exercise. To then go home every night and study Mantak Chia online. He is now certified by Master Mantak Chia in Chi Nei Tsang 1 & 2, Cosmic Healing, Reiki, and Yoga. With the focus of peace, compassion, and love in the body and breath. Niko is teaching clients to transform sick energy into positive long lasting Chi in the tendons, bones, and blood, obtaining their health and strength thereafter.
Niko Carrafield


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I felt better about massage. He made me aware of areas that I had no idea were tense and tender. Niko understands the energetic and physical body. Lucky to find a person so intuitive and knowledgeable about the body and how to heal it, rare find.

- Amna (Irvine, CA)

I began to "know" my body much better and Niko shared a lot of information with me about the abdomen and internal organs, too! He is extremely knowledgeable. I totally recommend!

- Michael R. (Seaford, NY)

Just in awe of Niko's abilities and in-depth knowledge of healing the body. My need was shoulder and neck relief. Niko explained home exercises, the ways to breathe- in an effective way. He's a hidden gem that will not be secret for long.

-Tiffany S. (Dana Point, CA)

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Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Headaches & Eye Pain under 5 minutes Using My Easy to Follow Acupressure Techniques...

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